Wednesday, March 18, 2009

History Of Bubblegum Timeline

1848: John B. Curtis developed the first commercially available chewing gum

1891: Wrigley Company (USA) was established

1909: L.A. Dreyfus (USA) was established

1916: The Hershey Company enters the chewing gum business

1918: NACGM [National Association of Chewing Gum Manufacturers] (USA) established [1]

1919: Ford Gum & Machine (USA) established by Ford Mason

1921: Leaf Confectionery (USA) established

1926: Richardson Brands (USA) established

1928: Donruss (USA) established

1928: Fleer established Dubble Bubble, world's first bubblegum

1938: Topps (USA) established

1948: Maple Leaf (Holland) established

1953: Topps (USA) establishes the Bazooka bubblegum brand

1965: Damel (Spain) established

1975: Life Savers established Bubble Yum

1977: Bubblicious established

1979: Hubba Bubba established by Wrigley

1979: Bubble Yum launches a sugarless version

1980: Big League Chew launched by Wrigley

1983: Huhtamäki (Finland) creates the Leaf Group gum & candy business through the US acquisitions of Leaf Confectionery, Clark Gum, Richardson Brands and the Donruss division of General Mills

1985: Huhtamäki (Finland) acquires Ford Gum & Machine (USA)

1988: Bubble Tape created by Amurol subsidiary of Wrigley

1989: EACGI [European Association of the Chewing Gum Industry] (Belgium) established

1992: Fleer acquired by Marvel Entertainment(comics publisher)

1993: Cadbury (UK) buys its first chewing gum business with the acquisition of Stani (Argentina)

1995: Fleer shuts down its Philadelphia plant and moves its corporate office to suburban Mount Laurel, New Jersey

1996: Topps (USA) closes its bubble gum factories in Duryea, Pennsylvania (USA) and Innishmore (Ireland) and out-sources its Bazooka bubblegum production to Hersheys (USA)

1996: The Hershey Company (USA) acquires Leaf's gum brands: Rain-Blo and Super Bubble

1997: Huhtamäki (Finland) acquires the gum business of the Wuxi Leaf joint-venture in China

1998: Huhtamäki (Finland) divests the Leaf (Spain) gum business to Damel

1998: Concord Confections buys Dubble Bubble from Marvel Entertainment and moves operations to suburban Toronto

1999: Zed Gum (Ireland) is established

1999: CSM (Netherlands) buys the Leaf Europe candy and gum business from Huhtamäki (Finland) for €390 million

2000: Cadbury (UK) buys Kraft's "Hollywood" chewing gum business in France for €185 million

2000: The Hershey Company (USA) buys Fruit Stripe and Bubble Yum gum brands and mints from Nabisco (USA)

2000: Cadbury (UK) buys the small Wuxi Leaf gum business in China from Huhtamäki (Finland) for only €3 million

2000: Concord Confections partners with Wal-Mart and Children's Miracle Network to conduct a national bubble-blowing contest across America for children 12 and under(conducted annually until 2006)

2001: Perfetti (Italy) merges with Van Melle (Netherlands)

2002: Cadbury (UK) buys a 51% stake in the gum and candy business of Kent Gida (Turkey) for €110 million

2002: Zed Gum (Ireland) acquires Leaf (Ireland) from CSM and changes name to Zed Candy

2002: Cadbury (UK) buys Dandy's gum brands, mainly in Scandinavia & Russia for €310 million

2003: The Hershey Company (USA) sells Fruit Stripe, Rain-Blo and Super Bubblegum brands to Farley & Sathers Candy Co. (USA)

2003: Concord Confections (Canada) acquires Philadelphia Chewing Gum (USA) and moves production to suburban Toronto

2003: Cadbury (UK) buys the global gum business of the Adams gum division from Pfizer for $4.2 billion

2004: Wrigley Company (USA) buys the Joyco gum and candy business from Agrolimen (Spain) for $272 million

2004: Tootsie Roll Industries (USA) acquires Concord Confections (Canada) for $197 million

2005: ICGA [International Chewing Gum Association] (Belgium) established by the merger of the NACGM and EACGI [2]

2006: Cadbury (UK) invests €148 million to expand gum capacity in Poland and Mexico

2006: Cadbury (UK) buys the other 49% of Kent Gida (Turkey) for €80 million

2006: Perfetti Van Melle (Italy) buys candy and gum company Chupa Chups (Spain) for an estimated €400 million

2006: Zoft Gum Company (USA) established

Source: WikiPedia